Kalahari Gas Corporation



22nd February 2011
Orapa 90MW station readies to rumble

11th October 2010
Power Station Offtake - Update

9th July 2010
Kalahari Energy’s Joint Venture - Exploration Progress


Welcome to Kalahari Energy

Kalahari Energy is a gas exploration and development company based in Gaborone, Botswana. The company possesses numerous prospecting permits in Eastern Botswana along the eastern side of the Kalahari Karoo Basin. A significant recoverable base of coal bed methane has been identified in the area by global energy producers as well as independent feasibility studies.

In conjunction with Botswana’s Department of Minerals and Energy, Kalahari Energy is developing partnerships to meet the urgent power generation needs of Botswana, and potentially to service the massive and rapidly increasing demand for power throughout Southern Africa.